In the early years
My Work
I am a skilled Plumber with certificate and everything. I was apprenticed in 1956 with my father, it was during a major labor dispute so my old could use manpower, some months before I had spent time at a grocer Soren Mikkelsen, who rund by grocer Bøjsen, it was opposite in the street it was not my cup of tee I think that the merchant was just as tired of me as I of him, after a Saturday when there was very busy, I had put a glass of syrup under the barrel, it ran very slow, so I handled further and forgot the glass, 100 l. of syrup ran out.
So I became a Plumber. Unfortunately my father passed away when I was 18 years old, I had not served my apprenticeship, the business got stripped of it´s autoration, it was a bit chaotic. I had 2 winters 1958 and 1959 stayed in the Craftsman School Krabbesholm by Skive, and it was also in the Skive I had to complete my learning as a plummer by the firm Stærk in Frederick Street, it was an exciting year I drove to Ringkøbing 2 evenings a week to help Mother with the delivery of gas (we had Nordic Gulf Gas) so my NSU Lux with a sidecar made the trip Skive - Ringkøbing many times ..
In 1961 I became a member of the fire brigade, I was hired by Carpenter  Verner Petersen Enighedsvej 6  as privat fire- fighter  by Ringkøbing Municipal Fire Department, fire equipment was then stationed at “Falk compagny” in Damstræde, we had a bell at home in the house who called and toold  there was a fire, uniforms we had at home as well, so when the alarm rang, it was, in clothes and on a bicycle to the station, after a few years  the “Falk copagny” the over the fire fighting, it was not so nice but more effective I was 24 years in the fire brigade.!  
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C J F Vester Strandgade in 1950 Krabbesholm Håndværkerhøjskole 1958 Min far som ung svend Nordisk Golf Gas skiltet Krabbesholm Håndværkerhøjskole 1958 2 kl. CJF som Brandsvend i midt 80. Efter NPK forgiftning på Ringkøbing Sygehus CJF Min Familie Folk jeg mødte Kishon