Scuba diving
In February 1970 I helped to start Vestdyk in Ringkøbing, the club's logo seen above, it is not the original one, there was a contest for designing a logo for the club which  won.
In the early 70 s there was much activity in Ringkøbing fjord on Oct. 1, 1970 had Klavs Draiby and I together bought the good Dive Ship "Little Tut" the same year, my uncle gave me a pair of 7 liter bottles and a Draeger lung dewice
Sport Divers find wreck of warplanes in Ringkøbing Fjord Found propeller, two conserved electric motors and machine guns during exciting and educational expedition Sport Divers from Ringkøbing had l ask their first day and exciting task. At the behest of Ringkøbing Museum has in the last 3 days after the dive wrecks from one of the two British bombers, which crashed in Ringkøbing Fjord during WW2. The 8-10 scuba divers'have been gains during their thrilling expedition. They have so far found a propeller and two electric motors. The 27 year old engines "was" so well preserved that they were able to run after you had cleaned them. Furthermore, it was found a few machine guns debris belonging to a British bomber that crashed 1800 st Thurs Ringkøbing sports ground. Some fishermen and boaters have probably in the last 3 days observed a white and blue split flag in this field. The flag says that there are divers out and that we must pass it at reduced speed and at reasonable distance. Vestjysk Diving Service has made boat available during the expedition. It's been a great help for divers, since they have had their equipment and supplies in the boat. Sport divers express great enthusiasm Thurs this educational and exciting trip. They have been diving in an area that was 100x100m and with a depth of 4 to 4.50 m. The plane was upside down and on one wing, one could clearly see the RAF - mark. It was interesting to see how much was preserved of the plane. Moreover, we have on this trip had tried many of the safety rules that are difficult to test in a pond, says sports divers The salvaged items are worthless, but Sport divers will keep the propeller  and electric motors, as a remembrance of their first and exciting task. The  two machine guns will be handed to police   eva. 
I also helped to rescue one of the great anchor who are outside the Strandingsmuset in Torsminde  The diving is now put on the shelf "one must know his limitations"
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