“Ham” amateur
Welcome to my Website!  The place where I will describe how  I spent my life and now the third age.
My name is Carl Johan Feddersen I live in Faaborg, the world's navel. I am married to Anette, and has been for almost 50 years. I thought that you can figure out a gentleman in my prime, I went to Old Age Pension in the year 2007, and now the time let alone strike .. In all the years my wife Anette with the worst, and loyally supported me in all my wacky chores, but not the motto as' the father does is always the ......! occasional''her mind and work has lifted many of my crazy projects to a much higher level
I have sailed since I can remember, so has my father and my grandfather, so it is probably in the blood, in addition to dinghies, I have had many ships in my life look for more in sailing. in a period was the air and not water that drew, I helped launch a glider club in Stavning in Jutland, I got my C with the three gulls, but Gliding was too selfish sport for me. So I took a diving certificate and it was to many exciting experiences both in the Mediterranean Sea and the Danish waters, but especially in the North I dived much. Later I received a “Ham” license with the callsign OZ1JBI and became radio amateur, I spent much time on that in the year, little time was also spent on Model Railway where I've built some modules
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