Model Railways
My interest in model trains, I've had ever since my boyhood, but only now has it  been possible to realize the dream. Due to space problems (it has all train buffs), I  joint a club called Module Association, the idea is to build track into small chunks  so that you meet once in a while and put "bids" (the modules) you have built  together when everyone is out of the house, we can add several hundred meters of  track ....! The system can run both analog digital, I used Roco management  Unfortunately it was too much to drive to Jutland each time I like to run, so now  the trains shelved. 
© c-j-f  2010
Model Railways  Photographed by C J F in his  Workshop, and and from meetings  in Frdedericia.
Here are some pictures from  building "click" to  see full size
The modules are in the size  60 x 120 cm and can be linked together  Longitudinal
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