Radio amatør  OZ1JBI
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My call sign is OZ1JBI I have an A Lisensed it  means that I must send at HF - VHF and UHF  bands .. Today my antennae reduced to a comb.  round beams to VHF and UHF and a homemade  4th band antenna for 80,40,20,10 meters, and  a delta loop for 50 mhz. HF antenna caused me  some problems because my QTH did not permit  a longer antenna than a 17 to 18 m. I came  across an article in OZ No. 12 1999 on an  antenna OZ5WF which I freely quote. Beside  that I have a Cushcraft R 7000 for 10, 12, 15,  17, 20, 30 and the 40 m. band.   
My VHF / HF Station Yaesu FT 450 Antenna Tuner MFJ-949E SignaLink USB Soundcard Interface.
An excellent "emergency antenna"to 10, 20, 40 and 80 meters  Of OZ5WF Willy Sachse,  Actually it's not me who originally took on this case but I got sent to the drawing of OZ4PY about. 15 years ago. When you immediately see the drawing, the antenna very savvy enough say: It can not work - but fairly freely hanging is actually quite useful. It has been demonstrated by several experiments with this type of antenna that tilklipning of wires to and from L3 may be necessary, but remember: It is a very abbreviated antenna at such low frequencies as 7 and 3.5 MHz and therefore the height above ground is a essential factor for the resonance, but with good patience and an antenna tuner is the best of my knowledge useful and acts as an ordinary dipole on 28 and 14 MHz. It has been my only antenna for HF in those 15 years and is hung inverted with the point about food. 10 m above ground and the ends down to the fence with a clothesline as 'extension'. Whether you want to use balun or not is a matter of taste. I've always done it, but the last exercise has shown that you can splendid as without (?), hi. It has traveled around the kingdom, has been suspended from the strangest places, between and under trees and in such a situation, SWR obviously inferior, but it works. Good luck if l want to try - it is certainly cheap! Sorry this i translatet with GOOGLE!!!
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