I've had many ships in my life, to name the extremes I've had a ketch of 54 tons 'Passaten of Grenaa, 'and at the other end a Banner 28 races, but the boat I have had the  longest is a Swedish MAXI 95 with the name 'Niobe'. I grew up in Ringkøbing and sailed for half a lifetime on the Ringkøbing fjord and the North Sea. in my younger years I dived from a little Tug 'LilleTut' by many of the Danish coast, then I bought a monstrosity of a steel boat "Kishon" there after a fire was for sale in Odense, read its history here, I worked on it for 8 years, got a nice boat out of it, but I longed for a sailboat so I therefore bought an old HURLY 28 'Moonwake'  I had it for a couple of years, then I bought a Banner 28 Racer 'Excess', but after a while considering how much time I used i to kneel when I 'peeled potatoes, so I bought a MAXI 95th And lately I've bought a Najad 34 Fortuna
Type.: Galease Konstruktør.: A. Møller i Dalsgård  Byggeår.: 1900 Byggemateriale.: EG på EG Længde.: 69,8 Fod  Dybde.: 6,1 Fod Brede.: 18,0 Fod Register tons.: Brutto 51 Ton Register tons.: Netto 34 Ton Ton DW.: 85 Kennings bogstaver.: OWAF (J 348) Motortype.: Grenå HK.: 64
Trade wind of Grenaa Had near ruined me but I was much richer experience Along with a good friend I went to the port of Grenaa lay her poor and shabby, we asked a man on the pier who owned the boat, it was him, we asked what the cost, he said.! yes - I can not give it away but 500 million and it is yours, here we ought to ha 'been suspicious, but no we  bought.! It cost us all our savings until we got it sold, believe it or let be we got an airplane in exchange.
Type.: Motorskib (Dykkerfartøj)  Konstruktør.:  Bdr Nipper Skagen  Byggeår.: 19xx  Længde overalt.: 10 m  Længde i v.: 9 m  Dybde.: 2,0 m  Brede.: 3.0 m  Deplacement.: 7,81 t  Motortype.: Albin HK.: 250 Max Fart.:   8 kn  Kendingsbogstaver.: 5PWG
Diverse.: Ombygget Olie båd fra Hvide sande, indrettet til Dykkerfartøj Small Tut was a real workhorse, with the we sailed half Denmark around and dived, it was when the big anchor was taken up by Torsminde but has also assisted the North Sea Shipyard in Ringkøbing with many launch and buseringer Purchased in Hvide Sande of Mechanical Forging Svend Aage Jensen 1-10-1970 (100/100 acquired 6-10-71) Sold to Claus Draiby (West JD Service) 22-nov.1972 Current office Assens. Nancy Tut's even once been sold and is now on mother
På vej gennem Kilerkanalen
Type.: TSMY Konstruktør.: Brook Marine Byggeår.: 1944 Længde overalt.:  44’  Længde i v.: 40’  Dybde.: 4,5’  Brede.: 10’  Deplacement.: 18,6 t  Rig type.: Ketch Motor.: Russel Newberry  HK.: 2 x 36 Hk Max Fart.: 9,5 Kn
Purchased in Odense Of Mechanic Kaj Larsen on 1-12-1972 Sold in Ringkøbing to? Palates Toldsø approximately 1-6-1982Toldsø would take the boat to Greenland but it never came to fruition however, he took Kishon helps Kerteminde where it has lain for many years with different owners, sank Kishon here in the winter of 2007 after which it was shipped to Langeskov where it is broken up, read the whole story here.
Type.: Herley 27  Konstruktør.: Ian Andersen Byggeår.: 1974  Længde overalt.: 8,23 m Længde i v.: 6,09 m Dybde.: 1,22 m Brede.: 2,44 m  Deplacement.: 2,642 t  Rig type.: Masthead  Sejlmærke/nr.: 54  Sejlareal.: 49,4 m2  Motortype.: Britt bencin HK.: 10  Max Fart.: 6 Kn
Here the good ship Moon Wake which served me for 2 good years. She was not fast but very patient, she was also my first real keelboat, with it I made my first experience out in the difficult art of navigation. Purchased in Ringkøbing of Malermester Svend Bonnichen on 4-6-82. Sold in Ringkøbing to the Clerk Steen Douwe the 15-9-83 Current headquarters Unknown
Type.:       Banner 28 Racer Speciel Konstruktør.: I. N. Glasfiber Haderslev Byggeår.: 1983 Længde overalt.:   8,5 m Længde i v.:        6,1 m Dybde.:       1,35 m Brede.: 2,94 m Deplacement.: 1,4 t Rig type.: 7/8 Sejlmærke/nr.: D 106 Sejlareal.: 34 m2 Motortype.: Yamaha 6 cs HK.: 6 Max Fart.: 6 kn. for motor
EXCESS Banner 28 Special on I also had a couple of years but it became too frisky, not nice to kneel and peel potatoes. And maybe I did not really win the spirit in me. Bought as new in Haderslev 6 to 9.1983 (Courtesy of DIY in Week 38 1983) Sold to Mr. Ib Tage Hansen Kalundborg 1-9-1985
Diverse.: speciel indrettet med hvidt interiør 
In year 1985 I had through a half year or so, been across most of Europe after a Maxi 95, it was not easy in those years, prices in Denmark was completely impossible, Sweden was not much better, only in France and Germany, the prices for my pocketbook, shipment from France was pretty high so I concentrate my search in Germany. I'd really like to have a neat and well maintained boat so it meant so much what equipment and electronics were on board, I found exactly what I was looking at Niobe who was waiting for me in the north German city Travemynde she had just sailed Very little had been at the hall every winter, and the engine was cared for by professionals. It was purchased and in April 1986 I sailed with good friends' help, home to Ringkøbing, it was a long infatuation we owned Niobe in 21 years. Niobe was sold in spring 2007 and is now sailing on Jegindø
Our new dream boat which we found in the river Elbe in 2007 Type.:     Najad 34 Byggeår.:    1978 Længde overalt.:        10,3 m Længde i v.:   8.5 m Dybde.: 1,60 m Brede.: 3,10 m Deplacement.:   6.0 t Rig type.:      MH Sejlmærke/nr.:    D 163 Motortype.:       Vetus M174  HK.:  42 HK Max Fart.:     8 kn. f.motor
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