Gliding  in “Stavning”
C J F CJF Min Familie Folk jeg mødte Kishon
The actual flight club was started 23 August 1963 at a meeting at the School of Hotel Ringkøbing  The course of the evening is here to report:  The meeting invites, haberdasher Kaj Jespersen Ringkjøbing, opened and welcomed everyone and gave the floor to the secretary of Conservation Planning Committee Jørgen Andersen, who presented the preliminary plans for establishing aerodrome in Stauning. The Assembly discussed the matter and agreed to create an association with the provision of purpose and went over to the founding meeting  Elected Chairman of the meeting was represented by K. Dalgaard-Knudsen, Ringkøbing, who found that moment, 16 have signed up as members, namely traders Kaj Jespersen, director Karsten Pultz Holm Søndervig  Farmer Jens Aarup, Velling, chimney specialist E. Braagaard, Hee,  printer Sven Aage Jacobsen, Ringkøbing, hairdresser Vagn Knudsen, Ringkøbing,  Maskinhandler Jens Toft, Højmark per. Lem, director Peter Hansen, Lem,  bank clerk Elihardt Kristensen, Ringkøbing, (later Kokholm)  Peter Andersen, Mulbjerg (Peter Beard) driving instructor P. Chr. Høgsberg, Holstebro-road 25, Rindum,  Svend Høeg Mountain, Holstebro-road 25, Rindum, secretary Jørgen Andersen, Ringkøbing,  timber merchants, P. Trillingsgaard Ringkjøbing, trikotagehandler P. Vanggaard, Ringkøbing,  tourist manager Preben Sloth, Ringkøbing Chairman, submitted a draft statute states:  Its aim is creating an airfield in Ringkjøbing's environs  The paragraphs I shall not weary with only refer to who was on the board this first difficult year ....  Statute was passed unanimously to the Board was proposed haberdasher Kaj Jespersen; (Cashier)  Director Karsten Pultz Holm (Chairman) and secretions Jorgen Andersen  There were no further suggestions, then 3, were selected. As auditors appointed Cashiers Elihardt Kristensen and hairdresser Vagn Knudsen  These people were the real founders that it was later RST Flying Club which glider club arose  
Gliding Club started
Here some of the people who helped to start gliding club Westmik "Dental Kelså, County Councils sect. Jørgen Andersen and engine expert Vagn Jacobsen Svend Aage (”Indianer”) were airfield manager in the first difficult year
My performance as a glider never got its big breakthrough I got my C. and took my height gain and 5 hours to the Silver C but was it, I found it was a too “hight aiming” sport for me that my wife most of time sat down to earth and hoped that it came safe down was too much for me so we went over to Sailing.  But I met many wonderful people over the years I flew. (see people I met)
In this Glider a Mucha Standard  I owend  a 3. part
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